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POC and mHealth Diagnostics Summit

The growth and proliferation of point-of-care testing and mobile health devices is an indicator of the transformation in the IVD market, driven by the need to reduce the cost of healthcare and shorten the time required to get test results. A newly emerging DTC segment will meet the needs of consumers who are willing to pay out of pocket to manage their own health information by creating an array of tools designed to enable preventative medicine. This inaugural event will highlight advances in the rapid testing market in two sections: the development of technologies and the progression to the clinical and consumer interface.

Point-of-Care and Mobile Health Diagnostics Technologies 

The fastest-growing segment of the IVD market is point-of-care testing, and the abundance of health apps for mobile devices will vastly change how healthcare is delivered. The opportunity for remote monitoring, measuring drug response, tools for drug development and companion diagnostics have not been fully exploited but promise to offer unlimited new possibilities. Areas to be watched include molecular diagnostics at the point-of-care and management of chronic or infectious disease. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s “Part 1: Point-of-Care and Mobile Health Diagnostics Technologies: Molecular Diagnostics, Sensors, Disease Management” conference will address how rapid testing can enable improved clinical decision making and quality of care while lowering the cost of healthcare. Advances are changing the current treatment paradigm for cardiac, HIV, influenza, and a spectrum of infectious disease testing. Hear experts discuss the landscape of point-of-care testing and the tools being developed to change healthcare delivery.

Point-of-Care and Mobile Health Diagnostics Clinical-Consumer Interface 

Amidst a diminishing supply of providers and escalating costs of healthcare, the call for new point-of-care testing, direct-to-consumer diagnostics, patient-centered devices and apps to support mobile healthcare has never been greater. These technologies offer clinicians decision support capabilities, healthcare systems a real-time data stream for population health management, and they offer providers, patients and payers the chance to improve the outcome of care for less expense. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s “Part 2: Point-of-Care and Mobile Health Diagnostics Clinical-Consumer Interface: Go-to-Market Strategies, Innovation Path, Integration” conference will cover the topics technology developers, clinicians, researchers, payers and innovators should consider when developing, launching and integrating new point-of-care testing, patient-centered devices, direct-to-consumer diagnostics and apps/devices to support mobile healthcare.


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Part 1: Technologies
Christina Lingham
Executive Director, Conferences
Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI)
T: (+1) 781.972.5464

Part 2: Clinical-Consumer Interface
Micah Lieberman
Executive Director, Conferences
Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI)
T: (+1) 541.482.4709

Companies A-K
Katelin Fitzgerald
Business Development Manager
T: (+1) 781.972.5458

Companies L-Z
Elizabeth Lemelin
Business Development Manager
T: (+1) 781.972.1342

Lisa Scimemi
Marketing Communications Director
Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI)
T: (+1) 781.972.5446

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