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Mastering protein’s nature is critical for optimizing the processes of protein purification and developing methods that translate into scale-up, including analytical tools, modeling and automation. Continuous processing, single-use technologies, and high throughput are major trends that promise to overcome the challenges in purification processes. The Process Technologies & Purification pipeline provides insights into new technologies and improved strategies for protein processing.

Conferences Include:

January 19-20

Single-Use Technologies and Continuous Processing 

January 21-22

Protein Purification and Recovery 

January 22-23

Higher-Throughput Protein Purification 


SC6: Establishing the Business Case for Single-Use and Continuous Processing 

SC12: Protein Purification Strategies: Dealing with Proteins that Are Prone to Aggregate 


TS3: Introduction to Analytical Method Development and Validation for Therapeutic Proteins  - Detailed Agenda  

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