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Advances in Gene Expression Profiling


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Biology is not static – neither are the tools and technologies that support genomic discovery for basic and pharmaceutical research. Gene expression profiling is preferred, providing common language for finding relationships between health and disease; genetic changes as a result of therapy; markers for toxicology and drug safety; and even potentially leading to personalized medicine. Additionally, it may be possible to capture these revealing expression profiles with as few as a thousand transcripts. Learn from seasoned and savvy researchers who share their experiences using the latest genomic technologies for piecing together the biological puzzle of health and disease at Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Fifth Annual Advances in Gene Expression Profiling: Technologies. . . Transcripts . . . Therapies.   Click here for more info   

Session Topics Include

  • Technologies . . . Transcripts . . . Therapies
  • Single Cell Gene Expression Profiling
  • Profiling Gene Expression from Tissue
  • Defining and Utilizing Biospecimens with an Eye for Fit-For-Purpose

Keynote Presentation

Looking to the Future — Regulations, Standards, Quality, and Clinical Trials

Elizabeth Mansfield, Ph.D., Director, Personalized Medicine Staff, Office of In Vitro Diagnostic Devices, CDRH/FDA

Featured Presentation

New Approaches Towards Characterizing Noncoding RNA’s and Their Roles in Health and Disease

Allen Nicholson, Ph.D., Professor, Biology and Chemistry, Temple University



Conference Short Course - November 17th*

5:30 - 8:30 pm Using Automation to Set-up a Successful Research Laboratory: From BioSample to Meaningful
Biological Results

Research laboratories are comprised of individual automated systems that should allow seamless access from samples, to reagents, to runs, through to results. Research scientists need to be able to secure biologic samples (storage, processing and retrieval) and run experiments on the selected instrumental platforms (microrrays, qPCR, digital PCR). Always keeping in mind new conditions/instrumentation lead to new protocols as the genomics field matures. This balancing act is comprised of successful utilization of precious resources including biosamples, reagents, instrumentation, and brain power. Embracing these challenges and resulting changes must be done with tight control over budgets to maximize return on investment because there is a high standard set for maximizing value and minimizing waste. A light dinner will be included.   Topics to be covered include:

  • Robotics (what you really need and what you can do without)
  • LIMs
  • ELN/LIMS/Inventory
  • IT

Who Should Attend?

Lab managers, technicians, and scientists from biobanks and gene expression laboratories whose top priority is biological results through successful laboratory automation.


Course Instructors:

Nicholas Ilasi, M.Sc., Business Analyst

Petar Stojadinovic, Professor, National University; Lab Automation and LIMS Consultant and Trainer, AutomationTrainer.com

* Seperate registration required

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