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Please click here to download the following podcasts: 

In the Wake of the Flood 

Using VAAST to Identify Causative Mutations 

Taking NGS into the Clinic 

1000 Genomes Project: Cancer, Genetic Variation, and Drug Response 

Mapping Genomes in 3D 

The Human Microbiome Project: Next-Generation Sequencing and Analysis of the Indigenous Microbiota 

Building a Genome Sequencing Center: Managing and Mining Two Years of NGS Data 

Next-Generation Sequencing Data Management


NGS platforms now generate terabytes of genomic data, calling into question: What is the best way to benefit from this data bonanza? CHI’s Next-Generation Sequencing Data Management combines unique perspectives from a variety of researchers, engineers, biostatisticians, and software developers involved with NGS data management. This team of scientists will present case studies creating a common ground on which to explore how best to store, transfer, and analyze NGS data sets with the common goal of turning data into knowledge.

Day One – Plenary Keynote Sessions 

  • Plenary Keynote Session
  • Plenary Sequencing Selects

Day Two – Combined Sessions 

  • Assembly and Annotation
  • From Populations to Personalized Medicine

Day Three – Combined Sessions 

  • Sequencing in the Clouds
  • Transcriptional Regulation Analysis
  • Next-Next Generation Sequencing

Short Courses

Sunday, September 25

Tuesday, September 27

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