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1000 Genomes Project: Cancer, Genetic Variation, and Drug Response

Mapping Genomes in 3D

The Human Microbiome Project: Next-Generation Sequencing and Analysis of the Indigenous Microbiota


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Complete Genomics

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Sequencing Technologies - The Next Generation by Michael Metzker


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Companion Meeting: Next-Generation Sequencing Data Management 


(Session is shared with Next-Generation Sequencing Data Management Conference)

7:30 am Conference Registration and Morning Coffee


8:30 Chairperson’s Remarks

8:40 African Genomes: Charting Human Diversity

Stephan SchusterStephan Schuster, Ph.D., Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Pennsylvania State University

As the cradle of mankind, Africa harbors a much larger genetic diversity than human populations in other continents. Sequencing and analysis of African genomes will allow assessing the breadth of human genetic diversity and benefit research into common and rare variant diseases.

9:20 Family Genome Sequencing as an Approach to Disease Genetics

David GalasDavid J. Galas, Ph.D., Professor and Senior Vice President, Institute for Systems Biology

Whole genome sequencing of families adds a new dimension to genetic analysis. The power of these data in increasing accuracy, identification of rare variants and in evaluating genetic models for segregating traits is substantial. The complementarity of these new methods with population-based and linkage approaches signals new opportunities and challenges for computational methods and for integrating systems biology with genetic analysis. The benefit of these approaches will be substantial in, but not limited to, human genetics of disease and health.

10:00 Coffee Break

10:30 Finding a Needle in a Haystack

W. Richard McCombieW. Richard McCombie, Ph.D., Professor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

11:10 What Might Ubiquitous Sequencing Mean?
Keith BatchelderKeith Batchelder, Ph.D., Founder and CEO, Genomic Healthcare Strategies

  • How will it be used in ways we expect?  In ways we don’t expect?
    • Beyond cancer – in your local Walmart
    • Multiple times for single individuals
  • Will money or data be more important?
  • Where will sequencing take place?
  • What will the challenges be for next gen companies?
  • What are some strategies that might be used by next gen companies to be successful?

11:50 Close of Morning Session

12:00 Luncheon PresentationSponsored by
Agilent Technologies

Advances in Target Enrichment using Agilent’s SureSelect Platform
Emily Leproust, Ph.D., Director, Applications & Chemistry R&D, Agilent Technologies
Routine genetic screens in large cohorts of individuals remain cost-prohibitive through whole genome sequencing approaches. To this end, Agilent Technologies has developed the SureSelect platform, a portfolio of sample preparation products enabling users to focus analysis to particular genomic loci with substantial cost savings. We will demonstrate the flexibility and functionality of the SureSelect in-solution method through targeted sequence analysis of: (i) subsets of the human genome such as the exome and disease-focused designs, and (ii) custom content ranging in size, complexity, and chromosomal location. We discuss performance with respect to capture efficiency, uniformity, reproducibility of enrichment, and ability to detect SNPs.





What is your sequencing goal? Platforms are moving away from the one-size-fits-all approach and maturing into application-based methods. CHI’s Sequencing TechExpo showcases industry leaders as they present the technological attributes and bioresearch applications of their latest platforms.

2:00 Chairperson’s Remarks

Kevin Davies, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief, Bio-IT World

2:00-5:00 Sponsored Seminars

Sponsors include


A Discussion of the Technology and Importance of Massively Parallel Long-Read Sequencing in the Challenging Applications of Metagenomic and cDNA Studies
Clotilde Teiling, 454 Genome Sequencing, Roche Applied Science

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Dramatic Increases in Throughput and Yield Continue to Drive Sample Preparation Development for Both the Illumina Genome Analyzer and HiSeq Platforms at the Broad Institute
Kristen Connolly, Sr. Process Development Associate, Broad Institute

Here, we report the following:

  • Improvements to sample prep automation and QC.
  • Automation of enriched library quantification, normalization, and denaturation to minimize cluster amplification fail rate.
  • Optimization of the cluster amplification and sequencing processes to maximize data yield and quality.
  • Our experience with the implementation of Illumina’s latest hardware, software, and kit releases, including cBot, the “95G” configuration for GAIIx, and the HiSeq platform.
    As a result of the above improvements, while yield and throughput have increased, both error rates and rework rates have decreased. Moreover, efforts to automate upstream sample prep and to attain target cluster densities with high repeatability and reproducibility are applicable to both the GA and HiSeq platforms.

Applied Biosystems NEW
The $6,000 Genome and Beyond

Michael Rhodes, Ph.D., Senior Manager Product Applications, Life Technologies
Life Technologies is the world’s leading sequencing company, offering a complete portfolio of solutions - from capillary instruments through to ultra high throughput sequencing with the SOLiD™ PI technology and SOLiD 4 hq upgrades available soon. Various sequencing technologies will be discussed, including the SOLiD™ system which currently generates up to 100 gigabases of mapped data in a single run. Some applications successfully carried out on the SOLiD system include: complete cancer genome re-sequencing, single cell transcriptome analysis, interrogation of methylation status and de novo sequencing.  The latest applications will be presented - including results, data analysis and automation solutions.


Additional sponsorship opportunities available.

5:00 Interactive Panel Discussion with Sequencing Leaders

Moderator: Kevin Davies, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief, Bio-IT World

As the genome unit price of NGS platforms continues to tumble, excitement is growing about the scientific and commercial potential of sequencing systems. This Interactive Panel Discussion continues the traditional “roast” by the moderator and panelists, while trading insights on the latest NGS scientific and technological advances. Full audience participation is warmly encouraged!


5:30 Welcoming Reception and Grand Opening of Exhibit Hall

7:00 Close of Day

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Companion Meeting: Next-Generation Sequencing Data Management 

Poster Awards Supported by Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd.  Two $500 Prizes will be awarded: Visit the poster submission page for more information.

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