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Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 2nd Annual
Target Discovery for T Cell Therapy
Current and Emerging Targets for CAR, TCR, and TIL
August 27-28

Current targets for adoptive T cell therapies are limited and challenging. As a result, increased discovery efforts have been launched to continue advancing the field. At Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Second Annual Target Discovery for T Cell Therapy, leaders from academia and industry will come together to actively engage in discovery and translation of novel targets for T cell therapy. Experts will share strategies around T cell receptors (TCR) and tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL), and special attention will be given to chimeric antigen receptors (CAR). Emphasis will also be placed on discovering new targets and novel classes of targets expressed on the cell membrane and inside the cell, mainly with tumor-specific and mutated antigens. Overall, this event provides a comprehensive look at the current challenges and existing opportunities in T cell therapy target discovery.

This meeting will cover a range of topics, including: 

  • Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CAR)
    • Principles of chimeric antigen receptor design
    • Using CAR against various tumor antigens
    • Consideration for selection of targets for CAR
    • B cell malignancies and lymphomas
    • CD19 & CD20
  • Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TIL)
    • Melanoma T Cell Therapy
    • Targeting germline and mutated antigens
    • Checkpoint blockade
    • Low dose IL-2
  • T Cell Receptors (TCR)
    • Serological typing reagents
    • Cancer testis antigens
    • Tapping into the t cell repertoire
    • Off-target reactivity
    • Thymic selection
  • Targeting solid tumors
  • Currently targeted antigens and new antigens under investigations
  • Predicting adverse events in humans and mitigating the potential for toxicity

Scientists who wish to present their knowledge and expertise to their colleagues are asked to click here to submit an abstract.  Remember to specify the conference that you are interested in and please provide your full contact information.

All proposals are subject to review by the Scientific Advisory Committee to ensure the highest quality conference program.  

If you are interested in presenting, please submit a speaking proposal for review.  Replies to proposals can take up to 8-12 weeks. We will notify you once the agenda has been finalized.

Deadline for submission is February 2, 2015. 

We welcome your comments, suggestions and speaker suggestions as we shape the 2015 program

For more details on the conference, please contact:
Samantha Lewis
Conference Producer
Cambridge Healthtech Institute
T: (+1) 781-972-5461

For exhibit & sponsorship opportunities, please contact:
Katelin Fitzgerald
Sr. Manager, Business Development
Cambridge Healthtech Institute
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