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Cambridge Healthtech Institute Training Seminars offer real-life case studies, problems encountered and solutions applied, along with extensive coverage of the academic theory and background. Each training seminar offers a mix of formal lecture and interactive discussions and activities to maximize the learning experience. These training seminars are led by experienced instructors who will focus on content applicable to your current research and provide important guidance those new to their fields.


PEGS Boston 2020:

Introduction to Protein Engineering
David Bramhill, PhD, Founder, Bramhill Biological Consulting, LLC

Introduction to Bispecifics: History, Engineering, and Applications
Rakesh Dixit, PhD, DABT; President & CEO, Bionavigen, LLC; CSO, SenecaTherapeutics

Introduction to Immunology for Drug Discovery Scientists
Masha Fridkis-Hareli, MSc, PhD, Founder and President, ATR, LLC

Introduction to Cancer Immunotherapy Discovery and Development
Dina Schneider, PhD, Associate Director, Translational Research, Lentigen Technology, Inc., a Miltenyi Biotec Company

Essentials in Bioassay Development and Validation
Thomas Little, PhD, President and CEO, Bioassay Sciences, Thomas A. Little Consulting

Introduction to Immunogenicity
Bonnie Rup, PhD, Independent Consultant
Sofie Pattijn, CTO, ImmunXperts

Genome Editing with CRISPR: Towards Novel Research, Translational, and Clinical Applications
Serguei Kozlov, PhD, MBA, PMP, Principal Scientist/PM, Team Leader PTO, Center for Advanced Preclinical Research, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (NCI)


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Bioprocessing Summit Europe 2020:


Intro to Gene Therapy and Viral Vectors

Jerrod Denham, Principal, Dark Horse Consulting
Andrew Steinsapir, Consultant, Dark Horse Consulting


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Drug Discovery Chemistry 2020:


GPCR Drug Discovery
Terry Kenakin, PhD, Professor, Department of Pharmacology, University of North Carolina School of Medicine

Introduction to Small Molecule Drug Metabolism and Development
John Erve, PhD, DABT, Jerve Scientific Consulting, Inc. 
Yurong Lai, PhD, Senior Director, Drug Metabolism, Gilead Sciences


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 Biotherapeutics Analytical Summit 2020:


Practical Strategies for Analytical Method Lifecycle Management for Biological Products
Nadine M. Ritter, PhD, President & Analytical Advisor, Global Biotech Experts LLC


Regulatory Requirements across the Product Development Lifecycle 
Christina Vessely, PhD, Senior Consultant, CMC Analytics & Formulation Development, Biologics Consulting Group, Inc.

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Immunogenicity & Bioassay Summit 2020

Bioassay Design, Development, Analysis, Validation, and Monitoring

David Lansky, PhD, President, Precision Bioassay, Inc.


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Each CHI Training Seminar offers 1.5 Days of instruction with start and stop times for each day shown above and on the Event-at-a-Glance published in the onsite Program & Event Guide. Training Seminars will include morning and afternoon refreshment breaks, as applicable, and lunch will be provided to all registered attendees on the full day of the class.

Each person registered specifically for the training seminar will be provided with a hard copy handbook for the seminar in which they are registered. A limited number of additional handbooks will be available for other delegates who wish to attend the seminar, but after these have been distributed no additional books will be available.

Though CHI encourages track hopping between conference programs, we ask that Training Seminars not be disturbed once they have begun. In the interest of maintaining the highest quality learning environment for Training Seminar attendees, and because Seminars are conducted differently than conference programming, we ask that attendees commit to attending the entire program, and NOT engaging in track hopping, as to not disturb the hands-on style instruction being offered to the other participants.

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