2013 Testimonials 

Testimonials from Some of our 2013 Attendees

"This was my first Molecular Med Tri-Conference. While the huge size of Molecular Med TriCon might make it feel like you are trying to take a drink from a firehose, the structure and organization of the meeting made it easy for me to focus on my specific interests and learn about fields related to mine in a comfortable non-stressful environment. I returned to Chicago re-energized with new ideas and new contacts to collaborate with in the future. I am looking forward to return to San Francisco for next year's conference."
Director, Informatics & Pathology, University of Illinois, Chicago 


“Great conference. Diverse attendees and speakers. Lots of networking opportunities; I really enjoyed the conference and made some good contacts for the future.” Associate Research Fellow, Pharmacokinetics, Dynamics and Metabolism (PDM), Pfizer Worldwide Research & Development 


“I think it is a tribute to the organizers that they were able to assemble an excellent array of speakers who are leaders in the field of digital pathology, resulting in very stimulating presentations, round tables, and off-line discussions on the current issues. The result was that experienced hands in the area as well as new-comers all came away with something of value-- an excellent experience. The venue was convenient and well suited to the conference needs, and brought together overall a unique array of disciplines that fostered some interesting conversations during the networking events.” Department of Pathology, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine 


“I thought that CHI’s Digital Pathology conference had the right mix of pathologists, scientists and vendors. It was encouraging to see that so many people are interested in this emerging field. The topics were timely and of interest to everyone, the speakers were all terrific, and the sessions were interactive provoking lively discussions with the audience. The amount of time devoted to this track was perfect, the facilities were good, and the networking opportunities excellent. I felt that everyone left feeling satisfied that they had attended.”
 Associate Professor of Pathology, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center; Department of Pathology, UPMC Shadyside 


“It was very interesting and inspiring.” 
Principle Scientist, Disease Biology, Molecular Partners AG 


“The Molecular Medicine Tri-conference remains the most comprehensive must-attend event in medical and preclinical research & development bringing together leaders from industry and academia.”
 Research Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology, University of Miami 

“The talks were of high quality and I learned a lot.” Assistant Professor, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Gyn University of Pennsylvania 


“It was a very good meeting!”
 CEO, Igenica, Inc. 


“Excellent quality of talks for the Symposium: Genomics in Medicine. And very good keynote by Cancer Commons – thought-provoking.”
Bioinformatics Scientist, Illumina 


  “As a central lab or CRO, this has been the best conference I have been too. I have been able to meet my clients directly and discuss potential work. Panel discussions are awesome! Keep up the good work!”
Study Director, Clinical Genomics Department, BioReliance Corporation 


“The plenary session on the opening day was simply inspiring. Especially the idea of transforming cancer from a disease to cure to a chronic disease to be managed (like an infectious disease). We are truly in transformational times here!” 
 Assistant Professor, Biochemistry & Director, Weill Medical College of Cornell University 


“Trendy like the keynote address, with panel discussions. The interactions between academics and companies are good.” 
Professor, Division of Clinical Immunology & Transfusion Medicine, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Karolinska Institute 


“Tri-Con is a must attend conference for molecular diagnostics and translational medicine where one can learn about the latest trends, technologies, and best practices.”
Business Development Executive, Lawrence Livermore National Lab 


“Best practices in industry, clinic and academia. Whole view of digital pathology with cases and discussions.”
 Industry Consultant, Drug Discovery Scientist 


“The one conference that covers all aspects of molecular medicine from research to the clinic. Excellent talks on big data handling and interpretation.”
 Bioinformatics Scientist, Illumina 


“With the constantly changing arena of biotechnology and disease diagnostics, multi-faceted meetings like CHI are valuable platforms for the exchange and evolution of ideas.” Nucleic Acid Scientist, EMD Millipore 

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