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You Are Smarter than You Think: Applications of NMR in Hit-to-Lead Discovery

April 27, 2012
11:30 am – 1:00 pm EDT



Symposium Course Description: This course will focus on understanding the type of data that NMR can produce in a small molecule drug discovery environment. Applications of NMR will be given that includes screening of fragments, evaluation of lead compounds, and structure determination of molecules and metabolites. Emphasis will be placed on ensuring that attendees have an understanding of NMR to enable them to become intelligent consumers of NMR data.

Learning Objective Bullet Points: 

  • Application of NMR in Fragment Screening using both target and ligand based methods
  • Utilization of NMR Data, e.g. epitope mapping, in Hit to Lead efforts
  • Structure determination of compounds by NMR


Who Should Attend: 
Discovery Chemistry, Discovery Biology, and Analytical Chemistry Researchers

Instructor Information:
Edward R. Zartler, Ph.D. Chief Scientific Officer of Quantum Tessera Consulting, LLC

Instructor Biography:

Edward ZartlerDr. Zartler has spent over a decade in the pharmaceutical industry. His expertise is in the realm of biophysical methods, in particular NMR spectroscopy. Dr. Zartler is an internationally recognized expert in NMR methodology development and applications, having spoken on three continents on his work.