Perception of Project Management Authority – Make it Enough

December 1, 2010
11:30 am to 1:00 pm EST

James Samanen, Ph.D. President, James Samanen Consulting; formerly worked at GlaxoSmithKline for 31 years

Discussion Topics

  • Definitions - project vs. program, leader vs. manager, matrix manager (quick reminder)
  • Pressures on Profitability - how project leaders & portfolio managers can help to keep costs down
  • Aggregate Project Risk - Why Discovery Resource is managed through line departments, not through project teams as we find in late stage Development
  • The triangular relationship between line departments, project leaders and portfolio management, focused on project teams
  • The Perception of Authority – Making it Enough
  • What is Expected of a Good Project Leader
  • Getting the Most out of your Team Reps
  • Maximizing your relationships with Stakeholders and the Bosses of your Team Reps


Who Should Attend

  • Line managers who intend to move into project management
  • Project leaders (PLs) who have recently taken on the task
  • The focus is on Drug Discovery but PLs in Development will benefit as well
  • Portfolio managers face many of the same issues
  • Line managers – they use the skills of project leaders


Instructor Biography
James is a pharmaceutical consultant with a track record of 30+ years leadership and innovation in drug discovery project & portfolio management, and portfolio data analysis at GlaxoSmithKline.  While at GSK James developed and implemented worldwide Portfolio Management for GlaxoSmithKline Discovery and Genetics Research businesses encompassing 2000 staff and $400M budget -  involving negotiation and implementation of processes for selection and prioritization of research programs, developing IT systems, mirroring past to present performance with fit-for-purpose benchmarking analysis, modelling future performance, change management and team training.  His work eenabled an increase in productivity of drug-like leads in GSK by > 50% in 2 years by cross-functional team-working, prioritization and 40% portfolio downsizing. He also enabled strategy changes reducing cycle times by 50%.  As a group leader in Medicinal Chemistry he ddiscovered & championed lotrafiban (antithrombotic) to Phase III, and 2 preclinical candidate antithrombotics. He has been a project leader in diverse areas of drug discovery.  He established James Samanen Consulting in December, 2008.

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