Antibody Design and Humanization via Rational in-Silico Modeling

June 26, 2012



Symposium Course Description: Recent advances in antibody homology modeling have led to the creation of different strategies to design, engineer, and affinity mature as well as humanize antibodies. In-silico modeling not only helps in better antibody design but also saves time from predictions to validation.

Learning Objective Bullet Points: 

  • Create antibody homology model from the primary sequence
  • Humanization strategies based on the antibody homology model
  • Force field energy minimizations
  • Steric clashes within the humanized antibody and rational methods to fix it


Who Should Attend: 
Students, Post-doctoral fellows, Scientists and anyone who does or interested in antibody design, engineering, affinity-maturation and recent advances in humanization of antibodies will gain.

Instructor Information:
Vinodh Kurella, PhD, Visiting Research Fellow, C3 Bioinformatics, Harvard Medical School

Instructor Biography:

Vinodh Kurella Vinodh Kurella is a protein/antibody engineer with focus on humanization, who uses computational modeling based approach to design, engineer, affinity mature and humanize antibodies. Before completing post-doctoral training at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, received PhD from Dept. of Biochemistry at LSU Health Sciences Center in the field of protein X-ray crystallography.

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