Stem Cell Assay Development: Driving Desirable Commercial Outcomes - Web Training Course



Tuesday, September 20, 2011
11:30 a.m. to 1:00 pm EST


Course Description:

The therapeutic potential of Stem Cells is driving intense activity in BioPharma as well as in Diagnostics and Research Market Sectors.  This course will provide an overview of the current Stem Cell market opportunities focusing on the assays currently used and those in development.  The reagents, cell culture products and platforms used in the assay techniques provide an overview of enabling approaches for enhanced Stem Cell related drug development.

Learning Objectives:

  • Stem Cell Assay Market Metrics
  • Assays and Applications
  • Reagents, Cell Culture Products and Platforms
  • Trends and Opportunities for Commercial Development


Who Should Attend: 

  • Scientists Research and Development
  • Directors/VP Research and Development
  • Directors/VP Product Development
  • Directors/VP- Business Development


Instructor Biography:
Jonathan Rosenberg, PhD, Principal Consultant Redmont Marketing Associates
Dr Jonathan Rosenberg, Principal Consultant at Redmont Marketing Associates has served in management and executive level roles in product development, marketing and business planning areas for BioPharma and Biotechnology organizations involved in development  and commercialization of reagents and instrument platforms for cell analysis products and services for Research, Drug Discovery and Diagnostics Market Sectors.  Since 2008, Dr Rosenberg has provided consulting activities for strategic planning, product development and market development reflecting his experience of over 25 years in the Biomedical and Life Sciences industry.

Dr Rosenberg received his PhD and MPh from City University of New York in Biomedical Sciences and served as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Scripps Research Institute prior to positions in the BioPharma and Biotechnology business.   Having served in leading positions in Marketing and Market Intelligence at BD Biosciences,  and along with consulting activities, Dr Rosenberg is now directing Corporate Development at IMGENEX Corporation a leader in development of products and services  for studying Stem Cells,  Innate Immunology and Inflammatory/Immune Signaling networks for Dendritic Cell and T cell analysis.

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