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ClinEco (pronounced klin-e-ko) is a web-based platform and community that connects all the stakeholders of decentralized, hybrid and conventional clinical trials. The ClinEco platform and marketplace enables accelerated identification of high-value providers and partners.


Creating, nurturing and fostering an ecosystem and environment that promotes organic growth to deliver clinical trials faster and bring treatments to the patients who need them.

The Next Normal

The clinical research industry is undergoing a rapid transformation with new and established technology vendors and service providers competing for business. At the same time there is an ever-increasing number of clinical trials entering the pipeline from sponsor organizations. There is a demand from both sides to speed up clinical innovation. Companies may feel comfortable with their current partners and processes but there are better and newer solutions out there.


It takes a community of dedicated stakeholders to develop and bring new products to patients.

Why Join ClinEco?

Reducing burden and timeline in partnership selection by engaging in an ecosystem of qualified companies.

Aligning global footprint of studies with local capabilities.

Bringing more innovative solutions and companies to the clinical trial space.

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Who We Are

Our Team

Phillips Kuhl, MBA
President, ClinEco

Ben Patel
CFO, ClinEco

Ben Lakin, PhD
Vice President, Innovation and Technology, ClinEco

Marina Filshtinsky, MD
Co- Founder, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Product Development, ClinEco

Micah Lieberman
Co-Founder, Vice President, Community and Business Development, ClinEco

Advisory Board

Laura Whitmore

Laura Whitmore
Director, Clinical Operations Oversight, Cerevel Therapeutics

Kyle Holen

Kyle Holen
Vice President, Development Design Center, AbbVie

Kristopher Sarajian

Kristopher Sarajian
Vice President, Marketing, ClinOne

Gregg Jewett

Gregg Jewett
Senior Director, Development & Commercial Alliances, Bristol Myers Squibb

Adama Ibrahim

Adama Ibrahim
Director, Digital Solutions, Global Drug Development, Novartis

Ying Jiang

Ying Jiang
SVP, Customer Engagement & Delivery, Clinical Trial Solutions at Real Chemistry

Stephanie Frazao

Stephanie Frazao
Senior Manager Client Partner, Pfizer Digital