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PK/PD of Novel Constructs Conference


Should you be on this list? Join these pre-registered attendees!  

Understanding the activity of novel constructs in animal models and clinical studies is critical to their success.  There are numerous constructs of bispecific and multiclonal antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, and antibody fragments heading to the clinic that are diverse in nature.  This conference will delve into tools for understanding effects in humans and engineering for optimal efficacy, safety and metabolism, and strive to uncover the link between immunogenicity and pK/pD.

Keynote Speakers 

Louis WeinerLouis M. Weiner, M.D., Director, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center; Professor and Francis L. and Charlotte G. Gragnani Chair, Department of Oncology, Georgetown University Medical Center


Joseph BalthasarJoseph P. Balthasar, Ph.D., Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, SUNY Buffalo

Featured Presenter 

Vibha JawaVibha Jawa, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Clinical Immunology, Amgen


Conference Sessions Include: 

  • Unique Considerations for Novel Constructs
  • Systems Modeling of PK/PD
  • In vivo Dynamics: Bispecific Antibodies, Dual Targeting Molecules and Pan-Specific Monoclonals
  • In vivo Pharmacology of Antibogy-Drug Conjugates
  • Pharmacokinetics of Antibody Fragments
  • Tools for Pharmacokinetic Profiling

Post-Conference Short Course* 

PK/PD Bioanalysis: Streamlining Method Development to Measure Novel Constructs 

Moderator: Robert Durham, Ph.D., Manager, Field Application Scientists, Gyros, Inc. 


Tracey Clark, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Drug Metabolism, PDM Biotherapeutics, PGRD Pfizer 

Alexander Kozhich, Ph.D., Senior Research Investigator, Bristol-Meyers Squibb 

Raj Nagaraja, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow, NBE-PK, Biotherapeutics, Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharma, Inc. 



*Separate Registration Required 

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