The Bioprocessing Summit


Pre-Conference Short Course
Monday, August 24

(SC1) Optimizing Media: Achieving Super Soup 

Experts agree that optimizing media is a key component for increasing cell density. This workshop covers the details necessary for achieving Super Soup, from oxygen uptake to nutrient feed and beyond. Join your colleagues and media experts as they reveal solutions for enhancing cell culture media in the quest to achieve ever higher yields. 

DVD CoverOptimizing Cell Culture Media – Achieving Super Soup DVD

The cell culture medium is a dynamic mixture consisting of amino acids, vitamins, a source of energy, growth factors, trace minerals and other components in a buffered salt solution.  Each component has a shelf life, sensitivity to the physical environment and a variety of interactive and break-down products.  The Classical mammalian cell culture formulations require further supplementation with a protein source such as serum and were designed using cancer-derived cell lines.  Serum supplemented formulations for mammalian cells can be very sub-optimal for the growth of cells at high cell concentrations and for the isolation of recombinant products, antibodies or virus. This seminar will start with the role and problems associated with some of the key basic components of the medium and then show how Industry has been able to progress from serum-requiring to serum-free, to animal-component-free and then to chemically-defined formulations.   Click here for more info 

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