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Encouraging Development of Therapeutics for Neglected Diseases

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In recent years there has been a strong increase in funding and investment in the development of new therapeutics for neglected diseases, many of which are tropical infectious diseases. The reasons why companies and researchers focus on the developing treatments for these diseases are diverse, and there is a real need for better coordination and sharing of best practices in order to make investments as effective as possible.

While much of the focus is on early efforts to identify new targets or identify new therapeutics for individual diseases, perhaps the greater challenge lies in the creation of a sustainable long-term framework. The cost of discovery projects can be low, whereas the cost and challenges of moving projects into later stage efforts to conduct clinical evaluations create the need for strong, objective methods for prioritization. How can communication and collaboration be improved across this field, and particularly with those in less developed countries where the treatments are needed and must be implemented? What best practices can be shared, particularly with consortia and public-private partnerships, to help work in this vital field progress more rapidly and more effectively?

Coverage Includes:

  • Case Studies of Successful Collaborations
  • The Pool for Open Innovation against Neglected
  • Tropical Diseases
  • Product Development Partnerships
  • Incentives for Development of Therapeutics for Neglected Tropical Diseases
  • Intellectual Property Challenges Based on Dual Market Strategy
  • Networks for More Efficient Sharing of Research Results and Resources
  • Infrastructure for Clinical Evaluation and Healthcare Delivery in Developing Countries
  • Current Progress and Novel Developments in Ongoing Research Projects

Special Program Feature: Focused Breakout Discussions

These discussions are moderated and interactive think-tanks in small (breakout) groups. The informal setting of these groups allows for a more detailed and “free” discussion of the topic of interest and  to meet other attendees working in this area. It is a good opportunity for brain-storming and solution finding.

Breakout Topics:

  • Finding creative ways to support healthcare in developing countries
  • Alternative ways for approaching disease attenuation in developing countries
  • What direction for other truly neglected tropical diseases – beyond malaria, TB and HIV?
  • Drug repositioning projects applied to neglected diseases – what does local research really need from the Developed World?
  • Evaluation of current funding opportunities and motivations


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