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Strategic Resource Management

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“CHI produces the best of the portfolio conferences which has caused me to schedule a trip from Europe every couple years to coincide with the dates since first discovering the conference in 1990. The mix of speakers, exhibitors and round table sessions gives an excellent overview of Strategic Resource Management practice. There are always relevant speakers from non-Pharma/Bio organizations that provide a different perspective. I’ve found that the conference attracts people with a common interest in Strategic Resource Management and it is great to network with them. Best of all is when a number of people attend from the same company and are stimulated to discuss what they have heard. I’ve found that with colleagues from CAT , MedImmune and other parts of AstraZeneca that I’ve met for the first time at the conference.”
Mellor H., Global Portfolio Strategist, AstraZeneca

"Thank you, Micah! (Executive Director, Conferences, CHI)  I was going to tell you how much I enjoyed the conference. You did really good job! The most important thing is the conference spirit. It invites a lot of thoughts and interaction."
Vladimir S., ORBee Consulting

"Portfolio optimization is clearly a process that will help companies separate themselves from their competitors and those who do it best will flourish. These two conference are providing decision makers with the right set of questions to figure out the best way for them to do it."
Jeremy S., Planisware

"Wow, I learned so much and I can’t wait to get back to the office to share feedback on what I learned. The timing of this conference was perfect for me and for our company."
Gill K., Linde Healthcare

"Great conference with practical approaches from different companies. Worthwhile to pick up ideas to bring better information to the decision makers."
Marie-Anne B., Debio RP

"CHI continues to stay ahead of the pack in terms of quality of speakers and cutting edge content. With careful planning, I see no reason why we cannot continue to do so for the foreseeable future."
Rick B., Individual Consultant


Thank you to all who supported CHI’s Strategic Resource Management and Portfolio Management Conference’s!

Over 150 participants gathered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for CHI’s Annual Portfolio Management and Eighth Annual Strategic Resource Management back-to-back conferences. This year's event was a great success for all involved, from attendees to exhibitors, speakers, and sponsors.

Each year this executive forum attracts over 150 participants who help lead their organizations’ resource management, portfolio management, R&D, and commercial strategies. Our 2010 meeting focused on novel case studies and perspectives from thought leaders in the community. Attendees enjoyed the interactive breakout discussion groups, interactive panels, luncheon and breakfast presentations, as well as pre-conference short courses on topics “Using Enterprise Portfolio Management to Drive Shareholder Value” and “A Practical Approach to Portfolio Planning, Implementation, and Tracking.”

Thank you to all of our speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors for your support and contribution, and, to all the delegates for your participation.  The success of this event is largely due to the dedicated participants that return with us year after year.

If you would like to offer topic and speaker suggestions, or give input for our 2011 event, please contact:

Micah Lieberman, Executive Director, Conferences
BioPharma Strategy Series
Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI)
T: (+1) 541.482.4709
E: mlieberman@healthtech.com

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Fifth Annual Portfolio Management Executive Forum 


For suggestions about the meeting:

Micah Lieberman

Executive Director, Conferences

BioPharma Strategy Series

Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI)

T: (+1) 541.482.4709

E: mlieberman@healthtech.com

For exhibit, partnering, and sponsorship:

Joseph Vacca

Business Development Manager

BioPharma Strategy Series

Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI)

T: (+1) 781.972.5431

E: jvacca@healthtech.com 

For marketing and media partnerships:

Bethany Gray

Manager, Marketing

Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI)

T: (+1) 781.972.5494

E: bgray@healthtech.com