May 16, 2014
11 am to 12:00 pm EDT

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Webinar Description:

Cellectricon is creating model systems with native neurons for registering changes in neural activity, both at the cellular and network level. In this webinar, together with one of our valued clients, Neusentis, we will describe how we used native cells with relevance to pain drug discovery to develop an assay with improved physiological relevance over traditional approaches. Neusentis will review these results together with data from an additional phenotypic screening case study, to outline general progress towards high-throughput compatible assays using both primary rat neuronal cultures and human stem cell derived sensory neurons. We will also discuss how such phenotypic screening assays could be integrated into drug discovery programs.

The attendee will:

  • Understand the underlying mechanisms causing chronic pain.
  • Learn about phenotypic screening approaches in pain research.
  • Gain knowledge of compound profiling to advance research in the CNS and pain therapeutic fields.


Darren Cawkill, Ph.D.

Associate Research Fellow

Neusentis (A Pfizer Research Unit), UK

Paul Karila, Ph.D.

VP Discovery Services

Cellectricon, Sweden

Cost: No cost!