Meet Our Executive Producers

At the center of CII, the production team works tirelessly to create engaging conferences and symposia. The executive producers are in control of most of these events, directly or indirectly, and bring all their love and enthusiasm for scientific breakthroughs, community collaboration, and learning to love every project they tackle.

EdelEdel O’Regan
Vice President of Production

After receiving her PhD in biochemistry from University College Cork, Ireland, Edel did her first post-doctoral study in DNA mismatch repair at the London Research Institute, UK. After completing a second post-doctoral study at Northeastern University, Edel joined CII in 2000. Edel was quickly promoted to the level of manager, and several years later became Vice President of Production, a title she has held for more than a decade. Always looking at the bigger picture, Edel has been responsible for a significant increase in the number of events delivered by CII, in addition to driving its expansion into new industries, leading the company to achieve pronounced growth year over year. While working in this executive role, Edel continues to produce conferences and oversees the topic choice on all products in the portfolio. Edel proves that it’s possible to be a strategist, creating growth and expanding to new markets, while simultaneously being hands on with her staff and taking an active role in the science she has always loved.

TinaChristina Lingham
Executive Director, Conferences and Fellow

Graduating with a BA in biochemistry from Smith College, Christina originally worked at MIT and then a subsidiary of Baxter Healthcare and Genentech. In 1994, she made the switch to conference producer at CII and has spent the last 22 years building relationships, identifying innovative topics and trends, and fostering entrepreneurial enterprises coming out of the academic sector and moving into industry. In 1997, she launched and continues to be a part of CII’s more notable conferences, including Molecular Medicine and PEGs, and has helped create more than 220 events hosted by CII. Christina emphasizes the importance of emerging technology and is excited to create environments where that innovation can be explored and expanded upon.

JuliaJulia Boguslavsky
Executive Director, Conferences

Since joining CII in 2001, Julia has produced hundreds of conferences, symposia and courses, focusing on all aspects of drug discovery and development, biomarker and diagnostic development, biotechnology and immuno-oncology. Julia’s events bring together a unique mix of industry and academia and aim to facilitate innovation, collaboration, and ultimately impact patient care. Prior to joining CII, Julia was an editor of Drug Discovery & Development magazine. Julia holds a B.S. in Biology from Brown University and M.S. in Biotechnology from Northwestern University.

MaryMary Ann Brown
Executive Director, Conferences

After receiving her B.S. in biology and environmental sciences from Doane College, Mary Ann enjoyed a brief career as a lab technician before coming to CII. Since then, she has spent the last 24 years indulging her love of science producing a diverse set of conferences and creating more than 300 covering topics such as genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, and batteries. Her passion for learning about new science and technologies has been a driving force in her life and she brings this enthusiasm to all her events.

MicahMicah Lieberman
Executive Director, Conferences

Over the course of 13 years, Micah has been a part of CII’s largest conferences, working on Bio-IT World, PEGS, PepTalk, Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference and Medical Informatics World. Brimming with energy, Micah currently works on topics ranging from drug discovery and development, clinical trial innovation, healthcare informatics, and population health, as well as producing the better known conferences SCOPE, and the Summit for Clinical Ops Executives. Prior to CII, Micah was a conference producer at Barnett International/PAREXEL and worked in Public Health in California. Micah has lived and worked in Germany and Japan, as well as the US Micah received his BA in humanities from San Jose State University.