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Traditional drug screening relies on monolayer cell culture, which is not always predictive of natural physiological state, where the complex microenvironment consists of various cell types that interact in 3-dimensional structures. As the cost of drug development rises, there is increasing pressure for more predictive in vitro models for functional analysis and compound characterization. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Inaugural Physiologically-Relevant Cellular Models for Drug Discovery meeting will focus on the latest advances in 3-D cellular models, complex co-culture systems, and simple model organisms for functional analysis studies and compound screening/characterization. 



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High-Content Analysis: Technologies, Applications, and Market Dynamics 

This Insight Pharma Report discusses the development of the HCA field, the technologies that underlie HCA, and the applications in areas including cell signaling, cell and organism physiology, toxicology, target validation, and drug discovery. This report also includes market dynamics, including a competitive analysis of HCA deals,  interviews with individuals who are highly knowledgeable in the field, plus results from an exclusive Insight Pharma Reports survey. Read more 

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Topics Include: 

  • 3-dimensional cellular models
  • Multicellular tumor spheroid models
  • Tumor microenvironment models
  • In vitro co-culture cellular assays
  • Stem cell models
  • Functional analysis of novel tumor models
  • Simple model organisms for screening  


For more information, please contact:

Julia Boguslavsky, Executive Director, Conferences
email: juliab@healthtech.com 

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Katelin Fitzgerald
Business Development Manager
781-972-5458 | kfitzgerald@healthtech.com  


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High-Content Analysis 

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