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Mitochondrial failure and/or dysfunction has been identified as an important factor in diseases ranging from neurodegenerative conditions (ALS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease), epilepsy and autism, to diseases of the cardiovascular system, liver, and kidney, as well as cancer and diabetes. The broad impact of mitochondria in so many diseases makes them prime targets for therapeutics.

Since medications for many diseases cause unwanted toxicity to the mitochondria, it is extremely critical for drug discovery and development researchers to be able to predict and prevent this serious side effect for their compounds. This conference will present the latest research in new targeting pathways, novel therapeutics, and new breakthroughs in the understanding of mitochondrial function, as well as methods to decrease or eliminate mitochondrial toxicity when developing therapeutics.

Treating Disease & Improving Drug Safety

Coverage Includes:

  • Advancing the Science of Mitochondria
  • Targeting Mitochondrial-Related Disease & Injury
  • Mitochondrial Targeting & Toxicity


Genetic Approaches to Identify Mitochondria-to-Nucleus Retrograde Targets Involved in Drug Toxicity

Keshav K. Singh, Ph.D., Departments of Genetics, Pathology, and Environmental Health; Center for Free Radical Biology, Center for Aging and UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Alabama at Birmingham

EVENT Short Course:

Drug-Induced Mitochondrial Toxicity

Yvonne Will, Ph.D., Senior Director & Head, Science and Technology Strategy, Drug Safety Research and Development, Pfizer R&D

Kendall B. Wallace, Ph.D., Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Minnesota-Duluth

Rick G. Schnellmann, Ph.D., Professor, College of Pharmacy, Medical University of South Carolina

If you have questions, please contact: 
Elizabeth J. Lamb
Senior Conference Director
Cambridge Healthtech Institute
Ph:  781-247-6259
Email:  elamb@healthtech.com 

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