2016 Archived Content

Health Care Should Be a Team Sport

Eric Dishman, Director, Precision Medicine Initiative Cohort Program, National Institutes of Health

During this TED@Intel talk, Mr. Dishman – once a college student given 2-3 years to live – suggests a new patient-centered treatment model based on three pillars of personal health: "care anywhere," "care networking," and “care customization for everything from your goals to your genetics...the most game-changing transformation that we witness in health care during our lifetime.”

Speaker Information:

Eric DishmanEric Dishman leads the Precision Medicine Initiative® (PMI) Cohort Program, a $130 million Presidential Initiative that will assemble a transformative national research cohort of 1 million or more volunteers, reflecting the rich diversity of America. Before joining the National Institutes of Health as the PMI Cohort Program Director in 2016, Eric served as Vice President and Intel Fellow of Intel Corporation’s Health & Life Sciences Group, responsible for global strategy, research, platform development, and policy in key areas like health IT, genomics and personalized medicine, consumer wellness, and care coordination technologies. For more than 15 years, he led Intel’s healthcare strategy and research, including the creation and distribution of Intel’s open platforms and open-source tools to help researchers accelerate scientific discovery ranging from wearable and in-home technologies for movement disorders to big data platforms for cancer genomics. Eric also brings the patient experience to the heart of innovation and science. After battling a rare form of kidney cancer for 23 years — and advocating personally for more than 1,000 other cancer patients along the way — he became cancer-free thanks to early access to precision medicine that clarified the right treatment plan for him.

Keynote Presentation: Wednesday, September 7 during the Leaders in Biobanking Congress, co-hosted by Johns Hopkins University: www.healthtech.com/biobanking/agenda/