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Coverage Includes:

  • Collaborations and Consortia for Neglected Diseases
  • Examples of Success with Open Innovation and Crowd-Sourcing
  • Collaborations for Biomarkers and for Drug Safety
  • Critical Path Institute and Innovative Medicines Initiative
  • Multi-Company and Commercial-Academic Collaborations
  • Strategies for IP Sharing, Pooling and Protection
  • Re-Defining Precompetitive Space
  • Strategies and Technologies for Data-Sharing and Collaboration

The biomedical industry faces a crisis in productivity, with rapidly rising costs for R&D but declining results. While many other industries have found ways to enhance performance using pre-competitive collaboration, the biomedical industry has been reluctant to embrace such sharing of information, investments, risk and costs. There are, however, encouraging signs that important shifts are taking place, as evidenced by a growing number of consortia, programs for open innovation, and experiments with crowd-sourcing to find solutions outside a single company. One area ripe for collaboration is the field of neglected diseases, where the shortage of traditional profit opportunities mean that companies are forced to re-think how to achieve the most productive results.

This meeting brings together experts with extensive experience with various forms of multi-party collaboration, who can discuss key lessons learned and strategies to enhance success. The goal of the conference is to present and discuss key challenges and opportunities, evaluate important lessons and case studies, and to suggest ways to improve collaborative projects and programs. Lessons from the U.S. and Europe, public-private partnerships and technologies that facilitate sharing of information and working collaboratively will be featured.

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Immediately Preceding - April 4-5

Encouraging Development of Therapeutics for Neglected Diseases