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In addition to enabling regenerative medicine, stem cell research promises to enhance drug discovery and development efforts by providing new tools to improve efficacy and toxicity testing, drug screening, novel target discovery, and understanding of disease mechanisms and pathways. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Second Annual Stem Cells in Drug Discovery and Development will explore how pharma are incorporating stem cells into their drug discovery/development efforts and the value of stem cell models in compound screening, toxicity assessment, disease modeling, and new target discovery.

Coverage Includes:

Stem Cells for Drug Screening

Stem Cells for Toxicity Profiling

Stem Cell Models for Functional Analysis and Target Discovery

Targeting Cancer Stem Cells

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells as Tools in Drug Discovery

New Company Spotlights


For more details on the conference, please contact:
Julia Boguslavsky
Executive Director, Conferences
E-mail: juliab@healthtech.com

For exhibit and sponsorship information, please contact:
Carol Dinerstein
Director, Business Development
Phone: 781-972-5471
E-mail: dinerstein@healthtech.com

Group Discounts are Available! Register a group of 2 or more and save up to 30%. For details, contact David Cunningham at 781-972-5472.