June 18, 2014
12:00 to 1 pm EST

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Webinar Description:

The webinar will highlight the need for new multiplexed technologies in research and diagnostic applications, specifically in the area of translational research. A case study of a novel technology, CyPlex, for these applications will be undertaken.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to Antibody-based technologies, including multiplexed immunoassay technologies.
  • Need for new technologies (specificity, sensitivity)
  • Evaluation process, and results for the CyPlex platform.

Speaker Information

Dr. Corinne Solier

Head, Extramural Research, Pharmaceutical Sciences

F.Hoffman Roche-La Ltd., Basel

Corinne Solier is currently the Pharmaceutical Sciences Head of Extramural Research in Roche pRED (Roche Innovation Center Basel). She fosters the development and execution of a strategy aimed at the identification and use of academic and non-profit organizations to complement Pharmaceutical Sciences internal research while ensuring compliance to the highest ethical and regulatory standards. Corinne Solier previously led a Clinical Protein Biomarker Group including Immunoassay and Flow Cytometry labs, and acted as a functional representative for the former Cardio-Vascular and Metabolism area. Corinne holds a Biotechnical and Food Engineering Degree, a Masters Degree in Molecular Cellular Biology and Genetics, Biotechnologies, and a Ph.D in Immunology. She joined Roche in 2007 as a Lab Head in Immunoassays following her post-doctoral studies in the field of nuclear receptor biochemistry.

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