‘Every compound counts’ - reducing drug invention times using Computer-Aided and Structure-Based Drug Design  
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June 20, 2018
11 am to 12 pm EDT



Webinar Description:

Domainex clients benefit from its highly-efficient approach, which significantly reduces the time taken to proceed from the selection of a protein target to nomination of a candidate drug.  An important part of this philosophy is the use of virtual screening, structure-based drug design, and other predictive computational methods to select screening libraries and then to support our medicinal chemists in their design of optimised compounds.  Our aim is to invent high-quality drug candidates by making and testing as few compounds as possible.
In this webinar, Trevor will discuss several of these techniques, and using case studies, will show how an ‘every compound counts’ approach can accelerate your drug discovery programs.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain an overview, and understand key advantages, of computer-aided and structure-based drug design 
  • An insight to the suitability of structure-based drug design for your discovery programme 
  • Hear case studies demonstrating real applications of the ‘every compound counts’ philosophy


Trevor Perrior, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Domainex
Professor Perrior has led drug discovery teams that have delivered numerous development candidates across several therapeutic areas. Following his education at the University of Cambridge Trevor undertook academic research at Cambridge, Oxford and in the USA.  He then held a number of senior R&D roles in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies ICI, Zeneca, AstraZeneca and Celltech, where he worked on sites in the UK, USA, and Switzerland.

In 2005 he joined NCE Discovery as Chief Scientific Officer, and when NCE Discovery merged with Domainex he became Director of Research for the enlarged company.  Trevor is also a scientific consultant to a number of venture capital and charitable funds, and is the Visiting Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at University of Sussex where he chairs the Translational Drug Discovery Steering Committee.