De-risking Antibody Discovery: Tips for Success from Industry Experience
September 15, 2020
11 am to 12 pm EDT



Webinar Description:

You’ve decided that a novel antibody is required to advance your assay or drug development goals. Now what? The path to successful antibody discovery and development can have many twists and turns that can impede progress, waste budget, and unexpectedly delay timelines.

To maximize your chance of success, it is important to carefully consider decisions made at every step of the antibody development process: How do I develop an appropriate antigen? How do I know my screening strategy is set up for success? Which challenges did I fail to anticipate? How do I limit risk?

In this webinar, Tracey Mullen, MBA, CEO of Abveris, will discuss lessons learned from antibody discovery successes, failures, and near-misses. Learn some of the strategies we use while designing project workflows to de-risk your discovery on internal projects and on externalized antibody discovery endeavors.

Learning Objectives:

  • Avoid antigen design missteps
  • Design your own function-forward screening strategy
  • Identify strategies for tough targets like GPCRs
  • Trim timelines and avoid repeat work


Tracey Mullen, MBA
Chief Executive Officer

Tracey Mullen is a chemical-biological engineer from MIT who began her career as an Antibody Discovery Scientist at a startup contract research organization specializing in in vivo antibody discovery. In 2013, she joined the Antibody Discovery team at Biogen where she helped implement the technology transfer of the Adimab yeast display platform for antibody discovery and engineering. Throughout her tenure at Biogen, Tracey worked to optimize the in vitro discovery of antibodies to tough targets, including leveraging the Adimab platform to generate antibodies against GPCRs. In June of 2018, Tracey joined Abveris as the Director of Antibody Discovery Operations and became the Chief Operating Officer, managing project design and development for in vivo discovery projects. She is now the Chief Executive Officer at Abveris, a premium antibody discovery service partner boasting industry-leading timelines and cutting-edge technologies.