March 22, 2017
11 am to 12 pm EDT

Sponsored by
Agena Bioscience



Webinar Description:

Recent technological developments enable the use of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) as cancer biomarkers, and potentially as a non-invasive substitute for biopsies. In this webinar, Dr. Pierre-Jean Lamy from Imagenome and Dr. Darryl Irwin from Agena Bioscience will discuss the current research applications of CTCs and ctDNA in cancer detection, and how highly-sensitive technologies can enable cost-effective liquid biopsy testing.

Learning Objectives:

  • The emergence of liquid biopsy testing in precision medicine
  • Understanding applications of CTCs and ctDNA
  • Low frequency mutation detection on the MassARRAY® System


Pierre-Jean LamyPierre-Jean Lamy, PharmD, PhD.

Head of Imagenome (Medical Institute for Genomic Analysis)

Institut Médical d’Analyse Génomique (Imagenome)

Dr Pierre-Jean Lamy is an oncogeneticist specialist in biomarkers of solid tumors. He graduated from the Rockefeller Medical and Pharmaceutical University in Lyon, France in 1992, before joining the Montpellier Cancer Institute in 1997. He was the Head of the Department of Biology and Oncogenetics in which he developed a molecular laboratory dedicated to the detection of DNA alterations in solid tumors. Research on cancer biomarkers has been the main focus of his work for more than 18 years. As Coordinator of the Montpellier Cancer Institute Biobank, Dr Lamy led many translational research projects on prognosis and predictive biomarkers. His research aims to improve personalized medicine, focusing on molecular-targeted agents and related biomarkers. Dr Lamy is currently the medical director of Imagenome, "Institut Médical d'Analyse Génomique", which is part of the 1st private clinical laboratory group in France, called Labosud. Imagenome provides molecular tests for patients that help clinicians for cancer diagnostics and personalized therapy prescriptions.

Darryl IrwinDarryl Irwin, PhD.

Senior Director, Applications Development

Agena Bioscience, Inc.

Darryl Irwin has been leading the Scientific Services and Applications Development operations at Agena Bioscience (and its predecessor Sequenom Inc.) in Asia Pacific, and more recently in a global capacity, for 9 years. Previously, Darryl led the genotyping division at the Australian Genome Research Facility. Darryl has also held positions at the Mater Laboratory Services, a hospital-based clinical genetics laboratory and Agen Biomedical, an immuno-diagnostics manufacturer. Darryl has a PhD from the University of Queensland in Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) and a BSc in Biotechnology from the Queensland University of Technology. Darryl has authored more than 20 publications, numerous book chapters, and holds several patents.