May 17, 2017
4 pm to 5 pm EDT

Sponsored by
Agena Bioscience



Webinar Description:

Translational and clinical researchers typically formalin-fix and paraffin-embed tissue to stabilize specimens such as surgical resections, fine needle aspirates, and cytology smears. These stabilization methods and various environmental conditions can introduce artifacts and affect the overall nucleic acid quality and quantity available for genetic analysis. In addition, a sample can be mislabeled or mishandled during complex laboratory workflows. All these factors highlight the clear need to ensure sample identity and integrity prior to embarking on molecular-based testing. In this webinar, Dr. Sharon Mexal, Sr. Director of Clinical Operations at Ambry Genetics, will share their high-throughput Clinical Diagnostic Genetic Testing Laboratory’s experience with integration and scale-up of a cost-effective sample tracking and NGS data quality assurance workflow for germline hereditary testing.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the need for sample ID and QC in an NGS workflow
  • Learn effective ways to qualify DNA samples, including degraded FFPE specimens
  • Gain knowledge of sample ID & QC applications on the MassARRAY® System


Sharon MexalSharon Mexal, Ph.D.

Senior Director of Clinical Operations

Ambry Genetics

Dr. Mexal joined Ambry Genetics in 2009. As the Senior Director of Clinical Operations, she focuses on the continued operational excellence and innovation of Ambry’s clinical laboratory, including advancing test turnaround times and quality. She graduated with honors from the University of New Mexico with a B.S. in Biology and a Ph.D. in Human Medical Genetics from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Dr. Mexal completed her post-doctoral research at the University of Colorado at Boulder Institute for Behavioral Genetics. For over a decade prior to joining Ambry Genetics, Dr. Mexal was active in neurogenetics research and pharmaceutical compound screening in industry and academic laboratories. She has published numerous articles on the genetics of schizophrenia and tobacco addiction in human and animal models. Dr. Mexal is licensed by ASCP and the state of California as a Clinical Genetic Molecular Biologist.

Keith JacksonKeith Jackson

Senior Clinical Marketing Manager

Agena Bioscience, Inc.

Keith Jackson joined Agena Bioscience in 2016. As the Senior Clinical Marketing Manager, he focuses on promoting development and adoption of clinical applications on the MassARRAY System, including assays designed to provide labs with sample identification and nucleic acid quality information. He graduated with degrees in Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, and Healthcare Management from James Madison University and Johns Hopkins University. Prior to joining Agena Bioscience he worked in the clinical molecular pathology laboratory at Johns Hopkins Hospital, then transitioned to companies developing molecular diagnostics for infectious disease, women’s health, and genetic applications.