Mammalian Cell-based Library Screening, TARGATT™ Rapid Site-specific Integration Technology

January 22, 2021

Webinar Description:

Applied StemCell’s proprietary TARGATTTM technology allows for site-specific, single-copy integration of a gene of interest, up to 20 kb, at a safe-harbor locus. ASC engineered TARGATTTM CHO and HEK293 Master Cell Lines with a landing pad at a safe-harbor locus, and the cells have displayed high integration efficiencies and medium to high levels of protein expression. Our master cell lines have the potential to be used in bioproduction, to establish a cell-based library for antibody screening, and in the construction of a naïve IgG library system.

TARGATTTM Advantages:

  • Single-copy knockin: 1 cell, 1 docking site, 1 inserted transgene
  • Site-specific knockin into a high expression, safe-harbor locus (H11, ASC2)
  • High efficiency integration (HEK293: >40% without, >90% with drug selection; CHO: ~18% without, >90% with drug selection)
  • Large cell library construction in HEK293/ CHO cells
  • Cost-effective: no virus packaging time and resources
  • BSL1 compatible

Join Applied StemCell’s President and CEO, Ruby Yanru Chen-Tsai, Ph.D., and learn more about the bioproduction capabilities of the TARGATTTM CHO Master Cell Line and the advantages of the TARGATTTM screening system.


Ruby Yanru Chen-Tsai, Ph.D.
CEO and President, Applied StemCell

Dr. Chen-Tsai received her PhD from Cornell University and did her post-doc research at Stanford University. She has been doing research in genome editing and stem cells over 20 years. Prior to joining ASC, Dr. Chen-Tsai worked at Stanford University for 16 years as the Director of Transgenic Research Center and Associate Director of the Stanford Cancer Institute, overseeing nine research technology labs. Her research at Stanford focused on using Parkinson patient-specific iPS cell lines and their differentiation to dopaminergic neurons as a disease model-in-a-dish. She is a co-inventor of the TARGATT™ integrase technology for site-specific gene insertion. Dr. Chen-Tsai is an author of many scientific papers and holder of over fifteen patents. Prior to becoming the CEO of Applied StemCell, Dr. Chen-Tsai led the ASC Therapeutics' gene/cell therapeutic pipeline in the past 5 years. She also led the successful filing of three pre-IND (one stem cell therapy, one gene therapy and one gene editing therapy) with the FDA.

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