September 13th, 2016
1pm to 2pm EST

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Webinar Description:

This presentation will discuss the impact of preanalytical variables on the accurate measurement of proteins and peptides in blood. A specific focus will be on challenges related to common peptides measure in diabetes/ metabolic disease research as well as protein growth factors. Data will be presented demonstrating impact of anticoagulant and the use of novel inhibitors to ensure high quality protein quantitation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate degradation of proteins and peptides through endogenous plasma protease activity
  • Use of protease inhibitors to stabilize peptides such as, GLP-1, GIP, Glucagon, and Oxyntomodulin.
  • Impact of anticoagulant on platelet activation impacting the measurement of growth factors such as VEGF, TGFβ1, Rantes AND PDGF
  • Use of an EDTA-based platelet stabilizing chemistry provided reduced CD62P surface expression in whole blood as well as reduced PDGF, TGFβ, VEGF, and RANTES levels in plasma


David CraftDavid Craft, PhD.

Senior Manager Biological Sciences Preanalytical Systems

BD Life Sciences

Dr. David Craft earned his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from the University of Alberta in Canada where he studied under the mentorship of Professor Liang Li. He has been working in the field of proteomics for over eighteen (18) years developing mass spectrometry applications towards the detection of biological molecules. Joining Becton Dickinson as a Scientist in 2006, Dr. Craft focused on enabling protein and peptide biomarker detection in plasma. Dr. Craft has developed novel methods for plasma peptidome analysis enabling a more thorough understanding of protein instability in blood. His work has been applied to the development of specialized blood collection systems. Dr. Craft currently serves as the Senior Manager of Biological Science R&D within BD’s Preanalytical Systems business where his group investigates the “starting point” of new diagnostic assays, namely the preanalytical factors affecting accurate quantitation of labile proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, and cells. Dr. Craft and his team own several peer reviewed publications in this field and continue to drive further understanding of biomarker stabilization and preservation through basic research. Many researches are investigating these biomarkers and their relationship to different disease states and therapeutic treatments.