Accelerating the Antibody Discovery Workflow in the Modern Therapeutic Landscape  
April 14, 2020
11am to 12pm EDT



Webinar Description:


As the complexity of therapeutic targets continues to evolve, more efficient and predictive identification of pertinent antibody candidates becomes increasingly valuable. Incorporating state-of-the-art, high-resolution discovery and characterization tools like the Berkeley Lights platform into discovery workflows enables rapid and reliable selection of lead candidates more effectively than traditional techniques. Elucidating function early during screening and development can enhance candidate triage, as opposed to relying on brute-force methods to characterize large panels containing primarily non-functional clones. Optimization of the discovery platform using the Beacon instrument and case studies will be outlined.

Berkeley Lights will also share new capabilities that provide greater access to B cell diversity for the selection of better lead candidates.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to access greater antibody diversity through the plasma B cell repertoire
  • How to down-select lead candidates in 1 day
  • How to recover greater sequence diversity through integrated single-cell genomics



Colby A. Souders, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

Colby holds a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from Texas A&M and has spent the last decade focused on antibody research. He first joined MassBiologics to lead discovery programs, develop platform technologies and advance monoclonal antibodies in the pipeline for the prevention, treatment or diagnosis of infectious and endogenous diseases. He later joined the Kanyos Bio Protein Engineering team to develop therapeutics based on a novel antigen-specific immune tolerance platform. In 2018 Colby joined Abveris Antibody with the goal as Chief Scientific Officer to usher in new antibody discovery tools and build a premium discovery engine.



Anupam Singhal, PhD
Product Manager, Antibody Therapeutics
Berkeley Lights

Anupam Singhal earned his PhD from the University of British Columbia and has over 15 years of experience in nanotechnology and microfluidics at UBC, the University of Toronto and Stanford University. His work has been cited over 600 times and resulted in several patents for molecular disease diagnosis, antibody discovery, and development of production cell-lines for biologics. At Berkeley Lights, Anupam leads the development of next-generation platforms for the discovery and development of antibody therapeutics.


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