June 11th, 2020
Process Model Evolution with Biopharm Services

Webinar Description:

BioSolve is the biopharmaceutical industry's most powerful bioprocess analysis tool. BioSolve enables biopharma innovators to reduce manufacturing costs and make informed process decisions to improve profitability and ultimately patient access.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the four main advantage of using software platform to conduct Process Simulation and Cost Analysis
  • Learn about how different users can use software platform to minimise the risk earlier on the stage
  • Learn about how Biopharm Services can provide the solution
  • Learn about how Biopharm Services can support the client to understand simulation and cost analysis


Dr Yuki Abe, PhD & MEng Biochemical Engineering
Global Director of Sales & Marketing
Biopharm Services Ltd.

To help communicate our mission, Yuki manages and organizes the company’s sales and marketing activities . She manages the new user portal service for our clients, and organizes the BioSolve User Group steering committee and user group meetings. Yuki’s consultancy work covers the modelling of innovative bioprocesses, engineering design and evaluation of the economic impact of design and process on product manufacturing costs. She holds a PhD in Biochemical Engineering and a MEng in Biochemical Engineering with Bioprocess Management from UCL. Yuki received the Sir Derek Robertson Scholarship and the IBM Business Consulting Award while at UCL.