November 3, 2016
11am EST to 12pm EST

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Webinar Description:

The challenges of successful companion diagnostic/drug development programs will be reviewed with an emphasis on identifying strategies and activities that will facilitate successful patient access to both the drug and test. The presenters will discuss the realities of the current market access and laboratory landscape in the US, EU, and select emerging markets. A strategic framework that helps organize our understanding of the key issues that need to be explored in each market will be reviewed. Predicate case studies will be examined to illustrate the pathways for adoption of the companion diagnostic and the implications of testing on therapy market access.

Learning Objectives:

  • Provide insights into how to improve alignment between clinical development and commercialization strategy
  • Review the current laboratory testing and market access landscape for test guided therapies in several key markets
  • Discuss a strategic framework tool that facilitates thoughtful consideration of the pathway to market for companion diagnostics at a market level
  • Highlight key considerations for innovators considering how to transition products from development to commercial stages


Charles Mathews

Vice President

Boston Healthcare