September 13, 2016
11 am to 12 pm EDT

Sponsored by
Charles River Laboratories



Webinar Description:

High Content Analysis for Cell-based Target and Drug Discovery. This webinar will focus on how high content analysis (HCA) is used in phenotypic target and drug discovery for early identification of compounds that do not have adverse physiological effects. Therapeutic areas highlighted include Oncology, CNS and Fibrosis.

The target discovery platform described combines adenoviral shRNA libraries (SilenceSelectTM) to modulate gene function in primary cell-based phenotypic assays with high-throughput imaging and analysis. Similarly, to assess the effect of small molecules in cell-based assays mimicking complex multifactorial diseases, high content imaging allows the combined analysis of several phenotypic readout parameters.

Learning Objectives:

  • Better understand HCA analytical methods to extract quantitative data from cell populations.
  • Different strategies and approaches in the design and implementation of high content analysis.
  • Provide insight on endpoint selection, data interpretation, and program expectations.
  • View case study examples in multiple therapeutic areas.


Rhea van de BospoorRhea van de Bospoort, Ph.D.

Team Leader Biology

Charles River Laboratories – Discovery

With a Ph.D. in Functional Genomics and a Master’s degree in Neuroscience from Free University Amsterdam, Dr. van de Bospoort started her career at the Charles River Discovery Leiden facility as a Scientist in 2012. She quickly advanced from a Senior Scientist to her current position as Team Leader focused on drug discovery for a wide range of clients, being responsible for assay development and primary neuronal co-culture techniques. Furthermore, her background in live cell imaging helped her development as a high content specialist setting up algorithms for image analysis as part of small molecule hit identification and lead discovery programs.

Dr. van de Bospoort’s doctorate studies on the ‘Molecular Mechanisms of Neuronal Dense Core Vesicle Release’, involving live cell imaging, primary neuronal cell culture, immunohistochemistry and confocal microscopy has provided her with a strong research background to best lead a key team of scientists within the global discovery services group at Charles River. She is active within the scientific community having published numerous articles and presented work at many highly regarded conferences.