Recorded October 14, 2015

Sponsored by
Crystal Bioscience  

Webinar Description:

This course will highlight the advantages of using avian immune repertoires to generate novel antibodies to human targets. The single B cell screening technology that enables unprecedented access to this source of antibodies will be described. Case studies will also be provided to illustrate how the technology can be applied, and how the antibodies themselves perform in comparison to those derived from traditional sources.

Learning Objectives:

  • Types of targets for which chicken mAbs are particularly valuable
  • Strategies to recover species cross-reactive mAbs
  • Methods to obtain ultra rare specificities
  • The value of expanding epitope coverage for any potential target

Speaker Information:

Bill HarrimanBill Harriman, Ph.D.


Crystal Bioscience


Bill is a co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Crystal Bioscience, which was founded in 2008 with the mission to create a platform for antibody discovery featuring wild-type and engineered birds. His prior experience at biotech and pharma companies including Trellis Bioscience, Roche, and Abgenix involved roles as project manager, antibody group leader, and technology developer.

Yasmina AbdicheYasmina Abdiche, Ph.D.

Research Fellow, Bioanalytical Lead



Yasmina is a Research Fellow at Pfizer’s biotherapeutic site in South San Francisco, formerly Rinat Neuroscience, which she joined in 2004. She leads the Bioanalytical group, which uses various biosensor technologies and automation to support multiple research projects. She graduated from Oxford University with a PhD in Biological Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Chemistry and completed post-doctoral research in Dr Myszka’s laboratory at the University of Utah, where she optimized biosensor methods for characterizing small molecule interactions and helped to establish carbonic anhydrase as a benchmark model system. Yasmina is co-inventor of TEV-48125 (formerly RN307), an anti-CGRP antibody which demonstrated POC in PhIIb clinical trials for migraine, and co-inventor of RN316 (bococizumab), a PCSK9 inhibitor currently in PhIII clinical trials for hypercholesteremia.

Jennifer KoenitzerJennifer Koenitzer, Ph.D.

Principal Scientist Immune Modulation & NBE Discovery



Jennifer heads a lab within the pharmaceutical business of Boehringer Ingelheim that focuses on generating novel antibodies & therapeutic concepts for targets in oncology, immunology & metabolic diseases. Her expertise focuses on functional antibody characterization & engineering, assay development & target validation and the large scale manufacture of protein drugs