Cas-CLOVER™ “the clean alternative to CRISPR-Cas9” and piggyBac® for cell line development & engineering
December 9, 2020
11 am to 12 pm EST

Webinar Description:

Cas-CLOVER is a dual-guided truly dimeric targeted gene editing technology with high-fidelity resulting in nearly undetectable off-target mutations while maintaining high on-target efficiency. The system is ideal for cell line development for multiple technical reasons and the distinct IP portfolio of Cas-CLOVER enables commercial freedom-to-operate with a single license. The piggyBac transposase technology is highly effecient for non-targeted integration and expression for protein production. Using these technologies together with Elanco’s workflow which includes the Berkeley Lights Beacon® Optofuidic System we present an excellent demonstration of enhanced cell line development.

Learning Objectives:

  • This webinar is designed for researchers who want to engineer the CHO and other genomes for cell line development aimed at protein expression
  • Learn how Cas-CLOVER works and how it is different from CRISPR/Cas9
  • Learn how piggyBac works and some advantages of the system
  • What modifications can be done and how they may be implemented into the Beacon bioprocessing platform


Kayla Bean, Ph.D.
Research Scientist, Discovery Research
Elanco Animal Health

Kayla Bean is currently a Postdoctoral Research Scientist in the Large Molecule Discovery Research group at Elanco Animal Health. In her time at Elanco, she has focused primarily on enabling Cell Line Development (CLD) workflows and establishing Cell Line Engineering (CLE) strategies and technologies. Kayla received her Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from the University of Tennessee, after which she worked on Rabies virus at the CDC in Atlanta, GA for two years. She then obtained her M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Applied and Environmental Microbiology at Georgia State University, and served as an instructor there prior to joining Elanco in 2018.

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