Optimizing personalized drug dosing for patients with drug-specific Pharmacokinetic data models
October 21, 2020
10 am to 11 am EDT

Webinar Description:

Fully understanding the Pharmacokinetic properties of a drug is crucial for safe administration of drugs. Too high levels of exposure to a drug can cause severe adverse events whereas a too low exposure can result in the drug not being effective. Differences between patients such as age, gender, kidney status, genotype, smoker, organ impairment or other individual characteristics can significantly influence the pharmacokinetics of a drug.

In clinical research, Pharmacokinetic properties are often determined on homogenous population of healthy volunteers. Based on these data, there is often only one recommended dose for all patients (for example 200mg, twice a day). This can result in unexpected dangerous underexposure or overexposure when administering drugs in a highly heterogenous real-world populations. Therefore, adjusting drug dosing to the characteristics of individual patients can significantly reduce adverse events and improve clinical outcomes.

Join us for this webinar where Elsevier and ExactCure will discuss:

  • The importance of modelling PK behavior of drugs based on patient characteristics to adjust dosing at individual patient level
  • The progress in developing phenotype and genotypic high quality dynamic Pharmacokinetic models
  • The need for high quality data to build Pharmacokinetic data models
  • How Elsevier and ExactCure are working together to build personalized drug-specific exposure models that allow the prediction of pharmacokinetic properties


Sylvain Benito, Ph.D
Co-founder, Chief Science Officer

Sylvain Benito is chief scientific officer and co-founder of ExactCure. Sylvain specializes in mathematical models and their recalibration. He started in fintech, but then focused on bio-modeling for several years. His experience includes fundamental research and work in bio-modeling. He holds a PhD in Mathematics and is also a part-time lecturer in biomathematics & systems biology.

Olivier Barberan, Ph.D
Director of Translational Medicine Solutions

As Director translational medicine at Elsevier, Olivier Barberan is responsible for the development of data solutions that help pharmaceutical scientists making informed decisions. He is an experienced Product Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information services industry. Olivier has a PhD in medicinal chemistry from Paris-Saclay University and joined Elsevier in 2013.