Preclinical Secondary Pharmacology Is an Essential Part of Drug Discovery  
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October 16, 2019



Webinar Description:

Secondary pharmacology is an essential component of drug discovery and is used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry for achieving optimal specificity of new drugs via early hazard identification and off-target mitigation. The importance of this discipline has been achieved by increasing its translational value, based on the recognition of biological target–drug molecule–adverse drug reaction (ADR) associations and integration of secondary pharmacology data with pharmacokinetic parameters.

Information obtained from clinical ADRs, from recognition of specific phenotypes of animal models and from hereditary diseases provides increasing regulatory confidence in the target-based approach to ADR prediction and mitigation.

This webinar will outline the major elements of secondary pharmacology and demonstrate its applications and impact in drug discovery.

Learning Objectives

  • How to select and integrate in vitro safety profiling at each step of the drug discovery process for off-target risk identification, mitigation and management
  • Targets and assay formats selection to design fit-for-purpose safety panels to meet the specific needs of your drug discovery program
  • Interpretation and use of secondary pharmacology data


Laszlo Urban, MD, PhD
Global Head of Preclinical Secondary Pharmacology, Preclinical safety

Laszlo Urban is Global Head of Preclinical Secondary Pharmacology (PSP) at the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research (NIBR), Cambridge, MA, USA. He has been with Sandoz/Novartis since 1990, leading various global pharmaceutical research areas.

As the founding leader of PSP, he developed and implemented the early in vitro preclinical secondary pharmacology profiling program for NIBR. He and his team are developing “safety assessment tools for decision support” which provide access to integrated information for adverse drug reaction (ADR) mitigation. Laszlo received his M.D. and Ph.D. in neuropharmacology from Debrecen University, Hungary. He is Honorary Lecturer of the University College London and was a visiting professor at Duke University.

He has published over 180 articles, book chapters and patents, edited 5 books and has served on the editorial board of several journals while also serving as President of the European Neuropeptide Club.


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