December 7, 2016
10am EST to 11am EST

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Webinar Description:

Flow Cytometry has many applications in clinical development allowing rapid and highly specific characterization of cells. In recent years, flow cytometry techniques have established a foothold in preclinical and clinical drug development providing an ability to identify and characterize cell lineage, morphology, activation status and a host of other parameters. The technology can provide critical, high data-resolution insights when evaluating and measuring biological activity and functional endpoints. This webinar will provide an insight into the current applications of flow cytometry in the drug development process, and examine new technologies for the future.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to the principles of flow cytometry and what makes it a powerful analytical technology
  • Review key areas across the drug development pathway supported by flow cytometry assays
  • Highlight key requirements when developing flow cytometry assays
  • Review emerging technology areas and some possible future trends


David LanhamDavid Lanham, MSc, CBiol, MRSB

Principal Scientific Director

Eurofins Pharma Bioanalytical Services

David is a Principal Scientific Director at Eurofins Pharma Bioanalysis, Oxford, UK. He has over 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical CRO industry, across a wide range of areas, including roles in cell-based assay modelling, pre-clinical toxicology assessment and clinical trial bioanalysis. During this time he has developed an interest and expertise around immune function assessment and biomarker analysis. His current role in Oxford focuses on the application of flow cytometry and ligand binding techniques as investigative tools in bioanalysis during pharmaceutical drug development. David has been a member of the AAPS Flow Cytometry Action Program Committee since 2014 and presented at global scientific meetings on the applications of flow cytometry in drug development