October 18, 2016
10am EST to 11am EST

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Webinar Description:

Kinases are one of the most widely-studied and productive drug target classes, with over 20 years in the spotlight for drug discovery research. Determining your candidate compounds selectivity and potency through kinase profiling is an essential step in kinase drug development.

Join our experts on this webinar to learn how we can accelerate your research in drug discovery using the knowledge and insights we’ve gained in our 15+ years of experience in Kinase Profiling and over 14 million data points assessed. We will also introduce other key products and services that support off-target profiling and characterization of lead compounds to enable advancement of candidate molecules through the drug discovery pipeline.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to KinaseProfiler and the importance of profiling
  • Profiling beyond the kinome including Ubiquitin E3 ligase cascades, Epigenetic targets, GPCRs, and Ion Channels
  • Tailor made protein production and assay development solutions e.g. protein-protein interactions and large scale screening
  • Progress your kinase profile into a cellular context with OncoPanel™ Cell-Based Profiling Service


Anna WoodwardAnna Woodward, Ph.D.

Client Services Manager

Eurofins Pharma Discovery

Anna Woodward manages the Client Services team at Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services in Dundee, UK and has been providing general and technical support to users of the KinaseProfiler service for the last 10 years. Prior to joining Eurofins, Anna carried out a 5-year post-doc in biochemistry at the University of Dundee. Anna holds a first degree from the University of Cambridge and a PhD in cell biology from the University of Dundee.

Andrew PlaterAndrew Plater, Ph.D.

Assay Development Manager

Eurofins Pharma Discovery

Andrew Plater manages the Assay Development team at Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services in Dundee, UK and has 20 years of assay development expertise on multiple assay platform technologies, including radiometric separation assays, time-resolved fluorescence, ELISA, fluorescence polarization, and ALPHAscreen. Andy has developed over 200 different assays across multiple enzyme classes and on different assay platforms within the biotechnology and drug discovery industries. Prior to joining Eurofins, Andy held Senior Scientist roles at Cyclacel Ltd., Fluorescience and Chiroscience. Andy has obtained a BSc and PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Leeds.