November 9, 2016
11am EST to 12pm EST

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Webinar Description:

Synergizing Transient and Stable Protein Expression for Accelerated Biotherapeutic Development. Transitioning early stage discovery efforts with later stage development activities is critical for moving biological therapies into the clinic in an efficient and timely manner. MaxCyte's scalable electroporation technology allows gram-scale transient expression of antibodies and other proteins in cell types that are relevant to biomanufacturing. At the same time, the high levels of efficiency and viability provided by MaxCyte transfection, can shorten timelines and reduce labor involved in generating clonal cell lines. We will share data on the high protein titers that can be achieved via transient expression in multiple CHO cell strains, and we will provide analytical data to demonstrate that transiently expressed proteins and proteins produced in stable cells are qualitatively equivalent. Additionally, we will highlight other process efficiencies, such as the ability to parallel track large-scale transient expression and rapid stable clone generation that stem from integration of MaxCyte's technology into biotherapeutic development programs. We will present data demonstrating the rapid creation of stable pools and high-yield, quality stable cell lines including the stability of protein titers, quality and glycosylation profiles over 90 passages of the stable clone.

Learning Objectives:

  • Harmonize transient and stable protein expression to reduce risk and fast-track development
  • Expand the use of transiently produced protein in early stage biotherapeutic development
  • Rapidly produce gram-level quantities of proteins using CHO-based transient transfection
  • Accelerate generation of high-yield, quality stable cell lines


Krista Steger, Ph.D.


MaxCyte, Inc.