How Metabolomics is Uncovering a Greater Understanding of Cardiometabolic Diseases  
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September 26, 2018
11 am to 12 pm EDT



Webinar Description:
Metabolomics is the comprehensive profiling of small molecule metabolites (the metabolome) in cells, tissues or whole organisms and can be thought of as a technology that can be applied to study all of metabolism at the same time. The metabolome is organized into metabolic pathways that intersect and interact with further pathways to form complex metabolic networks.

A striking feature of metabolism, unlike many other areas of biology, is the similarity of the basic metabolic pathways, such as the citric acid cycle, across very different species from unicellular bacteria through to large mammals. This demonstrates the fundamental importance of these metabolic pathways to basic biology. Therefore, the systematic and accurate identification of metabolites in a living system and their interpretation are essential ingredients to deciphering these systems.

This is arguably even more important in complex traits such as cardiometabolic disease. In this presentation, we describe how our approach - Precision Metabolomics™ - is being successfully applied to cardiometabolic disease research. Through the systematic, accurate identification of large numbers of metabolites, along with their bioinformatic analyses, numerous cardiometabolic traits are being illuminated.

Examples will include:

  • How obesity profoundly perturbs the human metabolome
  • Gut microbial diversity, its impact on metabolic syndrome and how that interplays with the metabolome
  • An unexpected reason for yo-yo dieting weight loss and regain
  • Visceral fat and metabolism in cardiometabolic health
  • The impact of hexadecanedioate on blood pressure and subsequent heart failure
  • Dietary branched chain amino acids and cardiometabolic health impact
  • The function of metformin in diabetes and how a global metabolomics approach offers a path forward in precision medicine

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the fundamentals of metabolomics
  • Why you should take a global approach to metabolomics
  • Uncovering the interconnection between factors such as genetics, diet, obesity, the microbiome and metabolome on cardiometabolic disease development


Martin Hornshaw, PhD
Director of Scientific Marketing

Dr. Hornshaw is the Director of Scientific Marketing at Metabolon. Before joining Metabolon, he worked for Thermo Fisher Scientific and Applied Biosystems-MDS Sciex for 20 years in roles ranging from a scientist working at the bench through to leading a large team of scientists supporting customers in the field using mass spectrometry. At Metabolon, his goal is to educate scientists, as well as the public, on the power of mass spectrometry-based metabolomics to identify underlying mechanisms in biology affecting health and disease, such as how the microbiome communicates with its host, in population health, in biomarker discovery and validation, as a tool to enable both precision and personalized medicine, and more. Dr. Hornshaw has many years of experience working with the mass spec -omics of metabolomics, lipidomics and proteomics, as well as clinical and diagnostic applications of mass spectrometry.