Harnessing the True Power of Metabolomics with the 4Cs  
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June 13, 2019
11 am to 12 pm EDT



Webinar Description:

Metabolomics, the large-scale study of metabolites within cells, biofluids, tissues or organisms, is the definitive representation of the phenotype, providing a real-time assessment of health, wellness and disease, whether influenced by genes, the environment, epigenetics, or the microbiome. Executed comprehensively, metabolomics provides life sciences researchers and drug developers with an integrative look at the functional state of a biological system, allowing you to quickly zero in on the biological insights and biomarkers that define health, disease and treatment response.

Far too often, however, researchers and drug developers fail to benefit from the full power of metabolomics because they employ an incomplete metabolomics solution – one with limited coverage and interpretability – that leave potentially transformational discoveries in the dark.

Join us to learn how the combination of metabolic coverage, competency, comparability and capacity can make the difference for your next research or development program.

Learning Objectives - 4Cs of Integrative Metabolomics:

  • Coverage: The ability to see and compare thousands of metabolites to reveal new insights and opportunities across diverse biochemical pathways.
  • Competency: The knowledge base, expertise and technical infrastructure to generate high-quality data, derive biological insights, to make actionable recommendations.
  • Comparability: The ability to compare the data of different studies, in different geographies, over time, among different patients, races and matrices.
  • Capacity: The ability to process hundreds of thousands of samples quickly and cost-efficiently to provide results when you need them.


Annie Evans, Ph.D.
Director, R&D
Metabolon, Inc.

Dr. Evans leads the global metabolomics and lipidomics profiling research and development team at Metabolon, Inc. where she has been working for 14 years. The metabolomics and lipidomics platforms developed under Dr. Evans have been the analytical basis for thousands of commercial studies from over 500 clients since 2004. She has publications covering the analytical methodology as well as informatics and data processing requirements for global profiling workflows. Dr. Anne Evans received her Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Virginia where her research was focused on biological mass spectrometric detection of protein and peptides with renowned professor Dr. Donald Hunt. Currently, much of her research is focused on developing the global metabolomics and lipidomics technologies as well as new technologies to be able to support initiatives into large human cohort studies to study human health while also making the technology precise and robust enough to study individual patient health (precision medicine).

Kirk Beebe, Ph.D.
Director Applied Metabolomics
Metabolon, Inc.

Kirk Beebe has been an active scientist for over two decades with an overarching interest in translating technological and method innovations to addressing fundamental biological questions. He received his Ph.D. in biochemistry from Ohio State University where he advanced the understanding of substrate selection of mammalian signaling proteins through developing an innovative chemical biology approach. Following this, he was a post-doctoral scientist and senior research associate at the Scripps Research Institute where he and Professor Paul Schimmel uncovered mechanistic links between genetic code fidelity and disease. After initiating his industry career at Talecris Biotherapeutics (formerly Bayer HealthCare, Biological Products) Kirk joined Metabolon, Inc. in 2007 and has emerged as a recognized leader for the application of metabolomics in translational research, oncology and frontiers such as the microbiome.

Gregory Michelotti, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Discovery & Translational Sciences
Metabolon, Inc.

Dr. Michelotti is a biochemist with special expertise in the analysis of large metabolomics and gene expression datasets. As principle investigator of a translational research laboratory at Duke University for 15 years, Dr. Michelotti successfully attracted both federal and pharmaceutical grants. His laboratory contributed to the identification of novel G protein coupled receptor-mediated stress-response cascades that contribute to de-regulated epithelial growth responses. Collectively, this work resulted in the publication of over 70 peer reviewed publications in high impact journals, resulting in an h-index of 28. Dr. Michelotti joined Metabolon in 2015 to apply his expertise in signal transduction, cancer biology, and metabolism to assist investigators in the successful design and execution, and analysis of large metabolomic data sets to provide biological insight into complex human pathologies.


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