Automated, In-Line Cell Culture Monitoring of CAR-T Cells in a Closed Loop System  
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August 22, 2018



Webinar Description:
Ovizio leads cutting edge innovation in personalized Immunotherapy bioprocessing by bringing a unique solution that accelerates the clinical development of CAR-T and TCR-based programs. Because of the autologous nature of most Immunotherapies, the manufacturing processes remain highly manual, requiring extensive human-operator interaction and decision-making throughout production. Labor costs, inter- and intra-process consistency and operator error(s) are consequently major challenges in the effective translation of such therapies from laboratory to commercial scale. Debottlenecking manufacturing processes by assessing the appropriate equipment is therefore crucial. Additionally, adequate characterization of T-cells and their biology is another challenge within this field and it applies to cell culture operations and the full manufacturing processes from entry of raw materials though to final product. The iLine-F Differential Digital Holographic Microscope(DDHM) allows for an automated, in-line, label-free and continuous monitoring of cells’ expansion (up to 16 morphologic parameters recorded) in a wave bioreactor. The iLine F’s machine learning associated-platform may provide high documentation of the cells and what we call the Holographic fingerprint or cell signature.

Learning Objectives

To learn and understand the challenges in CAR-T cell culture bioprocessing. New automation technologies allow for cell culture monitoring to be done in closed loop systems, resulting in a reduced risk environment while increasing efficiency and documentation.



Jan Van Hauwermeiren
VP Sales & Marketing
Ovizio Imaging Systems

Mr. Van Hauwermeiren graduated from Ghent University in 2011 with a Master’s degree in Biomedical Science and a thesis on bone regeneration. He went on to receive his business degree from Vlerick Business School in 2012. Prior to joining Ovizio in 2016, he worked on development in the Benelux for Sysmex, a Japanese multinational company in the field of diagnostic lab devices. Jan enjoys introducing new products into the market that can help customers fulfill unmet needs in a new exciting way.