Development and Optimization of Capillary Electrophoresis Methods for Quality Control of Biologics  
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June 21, 2018
11 am to 12 pm EDT



Webinar Description:
Biotherapeutic proteins are among the most exciting achievements of modern science. Analysis of a therapeutic protein by cIEF and CE-SDS is critical in establishing a product’s identity, purity, and heterogeneity. Performing these analyses traditionally requires the implementation of both imaged and fixed window capillary electrophoresis (CE) systems.

Maurice, the next-generation CE system, combines both detection schemes into a single instrument, allowing cIEF or CE-SDS data to be generated in a snap. The proprietary ready-to-use cartridge design and the automated clean up procedures dramatically reduces system maintenance while eliminating cross-contamination concerns, making Maurice an attractive option in quality control environment.

In this webinar, our panel of experts will demonstrate the application of Maurice for biopharmaceutical analysis. Topics to be covered include Maurice method optimization for the separation of light chain isoforms by reducing CE-SDS, icIEF method transfer, and CE-SDS method validation for QC testing.


Qian Liu

Qian Liu, Ph.D.
Analytical Lead
STC Biologics


Dr. Qian Liu received her Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Brandeis University where she studied ALS disease through protein characterization using mass spectrometry and developed novel technique, e.g. HDX monitored by ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry. In 2016, Dr. Qian Liu joined STC Biologics, which provides integrated therapeutic product development. She is leading the analytical development and protein characterization at STC Biologics.

Karyssa Edwards

Karyssa Edwards, B.S.
Assistant Scientist
Celldex Therapeutics


Karyssa Edwards is currently employed as an Assistant Scientist at Celldex Therapeutics in Fall River, MA in the Analytical Development Department. She graduated from The Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. with a B.S. in Biology and developed an affinity for laboratory work while working in a cancer research laboratory during her senior year.