October 5, 2016
11 am to 12 pm EDT

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Webinar Description:

Blood Biomarkers for CNS Disorders. This webinar will describe how blood biomarkers can be used to detect CNS disorders. You will hear Dr. Henrik Zetterberg discuss the biology of NFL including selected case studies in neurodegeneration using our Simoa Homebrew technology. You will also hear from Dr. Jens Kuhle as he discusses his findings on serum NFL in Multiple Sclerosis using Simoa Technology.

Learning Objectives:

  • Technical aspects of blood biomarkers; NFL
  • Novel candidate biomarkers
  • Results from clinical studies around CNS disorders


Henrik ZetterbergDr. Henrik Zetterberg

Professor of Neurochemistry and Head of Department at University of Gothenburg, Professor of Neurochemistry at University College London and Senior Consultant in Clinical Chemistry at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. His main research interest is fluid biomarkers for CNS disorders

Jens KuhlePD Jens Kuhle, MD, PhD in Neuroimmunology

Vice Head Outpatient Clinic and MS Centre, Neurology

University Hospital Basel

His main research interest is Multiple Sclerosis.


Andreas Jeromin, PhD.

CMO (Consulting)