Pharmaceutical Applications of Viscosity Measurement: Sample Characterization to Product Performance  
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July 10, 2018
1 pm to 2 pm EDT



Webinar Description:
The discussion will begin with an overview of viscosity and a description of the microfluidic/MEMS measurement technology with its advantages. The relevance of viscosity to both practical applications and as an investigative tool to gain insight during the formulation process will be explained. Data and analysis will be presented to emphasize the benefits of measuring viscosity in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Sample systems will include protein solutions, pharmaceutical excipients, and fully formulated over the counter products. The following testing protocols and analysis techniques will be reviewed.

Learning Objectives

  • Shear rate and temperature sweeps
  • Viscosity versus concentration
  • Intrinsic viscosity analysis
  • Hydrodynamic size estimation
  • Injectability analysis



Dr. Stacey Elliott, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist

Dr. Stacey Elliott is a Principal Scientist with RheoSense, Inc. She has an extensive experience in the rheology of colloid and polymer systems during her previous positions at Alcon & Dupont. She is excited to work with our customers to advance the analysis and interpretation of protein rheology beyond the models currently adopted from dispersions and synthetic polymers.


Ryan Cohn
Support Engineer

Ryan is the support engineer with RheoSense, Inc. He initially gained experience in equipment installation and maintenance, sample testing, and other service related tasks for customers. Since then he has moved on to assisting with the development of VROC initium, the automated viscometer. Ryan looks forward to continue developing new products that will make measuring and interpreting viscosity data easier and more intuitive for our customers.