Optical Sensors for Real-time pH and Dissolved Oxygen Measurements in Cell Culture: Cell Secrets Revealed
September 22, 2020



Webinar Description:

Learn how optical sensors can improve cell outcomes and increase reproducibility in your cell cultures. Real-time monitoring of pH and dissolved oxygen challenges traditional culture protocol assumptions and offers insights into the conditions cells are actually experiencing. From T-flasks, multi-well plates and organ-on-a-chip devices to custom tissue engineering and cell therapy bioreactors, miniature optical sensors can help screen culture conditions, reduce media costs and dial in agitation or perfusion regimens.

You can use optical sensors in the development of therapeutics such as vaccines, blood components, cells, genes, and recombinant proteins to:

  • Screen cultures with higher confidence to help you reduce time and cost
  • Provide reliable data for reproducible results with scaleup
  • Measure critical process parameters and critical quality attributes


Jake Boy

Jake Boy
Applications Scientist
Scientific Bioprocessing

Jake is dedicated to improving the science surrounding cell culture and relating the world of the scientist to the world of engineers and product designers. Jake earned his B.A. in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University and has a professional background in research labs, genetics, and cell culturing.