How Process Raman Spectroscopy Can Assist in the Production of Biotherapeutics
February 3, 2021
11 am to 12 pm EST

Webinar Description:

We will examine the steps in biological manufacturing and discuss areas for implementation of Raman spectroscopy in the process. Important factors to consider when implementing technology on-line are sampling points, meeting application requirements (speed and sensitivity) and communication of the data acquired back to process control in real time.

Learning Objectives:

Understand where implementing spectroscopy can add value to your current biological processes for better quality control, repeatability of batches or realtime adjustments to continuous manufacturing of biotherapeutics.



Michelle Pressler

Michelle A Pressler, Ph.D.
Business Development Manager & Application Scientist, Pharma, Biotech, Life Sciences and Medical Technology

Dr. Pressler is currently Business Development Manager and Application Scientist at tec5USA, specializing in serving the Pharma, Biotech and Life Sciences industries. Prior to joining tec5USA, she was employed by Thermo Fisher Scientific in various roles as an Application Scientist, Product Specialist and eventually Sr. Account Manager for pharmaceutical customers. Earlier in her career, she served as Sr. Analytical Specialist at Dow Chemical specializing in on-line analysis for various business units.

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